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📄 Chat Rules

1. No spamming – this includes messages (pictures/videos) being posted 3+ times. It also includes gibberish (ex: dhsuiahduihasuhduashd) a.k.a. nonsense comments.

2. No flooding – Flooding is = 4+ posts in a row uninterrupted. Giant posts that take up a decent portion of the chat (otherwise known as a wall of text). And finally posts posted rapidly to the point that any conversations that may currently be going on is disrupted.

3. No racism, sexism, any form of discrimination is prohibited. Even if it is a joke – not everyone is going to see it from the same point of view and someone will get offended one way or another.

4. Legible text only (includes text and backgrounds); The chat is white, so please avoid using light colors unless you have a dark background to make it visible!

5. No excessive caps. Some caps is okay, like using caps for emphasis or a couple smaller posts of caps (a.k.a. no wall of text in caps). Constant caps is annoying, and is seen as yelling.

6. No porn. StreamAnime has a 0 porn tolerance. This means do not post or link the porn. You may be banned on sight.

7. No trolling/harassing people. Trolling is when people say things to get a rise out of someone, twisting peoples words, etc. Harassing is when someone does something on purpose because they know it bothers the person(s), or when someone tries to get another to do something they don’t wish to do, etc. If someone is harrassing you in PMs – simply block them. We can’t do anything about them.

8. Roleplay is allowed but there is no cybering allowed; and please don’t go into a roleplay battle publicly in the chat, it is disruptful to the rest of the people in the chat and can be seen as annoying.

9. Keep personal information to yourself – this means do not share facebook, phone numbers, addresses, IP etc (If you are fine with someone knowing your facebook/skype, post in PM; you don’t want randoms from chat getting your personal information).

10. No political/Religious debate. The reason for this rule is because people tend to fight and it becomes annoying/disruptful to the chat.

11. Listen to the moderators/staff when they are warning you – arguing the rules in the chat only causes you more problems. Mods have a right to use their judgement to ban people within reason. If you believe a moderator is forcing you to do something you do not wish to do – please provide screenshots with the full context intact and report it to a chat/site admin.

12. No advertising / outside links. This includes rival anime sites, porn, offensive content. Youtube videos, and other pictures are fine.

13. No impersonating moderators/admin/staff. This means do not pretend to be a moderator, admin or site staff – even as a joke.