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    Mp4Cloud Streaming: Announcement

    Sounds Like you have just given up! You have quite a few last second donators but you are ignoring us and just saying the heck with it! Shut it it down, just like so many other great sites that have gone under in the last year. So is it really donations or presser from the The coalition of media companies and ISPs trying to get you blocked? Why not take the donations we are so willing to give you for the next few months? We all love your website, and your fans can tell others about your $200 a month budget, thats like giving up a Starbucks for each of us just twice a month to keep you going.
  2. How much do you you need? I see that you have some people asking and are will to help you meet your goal. So am I and I'm will to help next month,

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      You need to PM me. I don't answer anything in my own profile in public.