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  1. Solchan

    I think i got banned

    I never noted this feed when it went through. lol I would of said it was probably language related.
  2. Solchan

    StreamAnimeTV might be shutting down soon

    I'm hanging in there. I'm guessing JustDubs is a pretty new site. I'm happy you can work at a site with more help. I think if you guys can get organized and as you said a easier format would help. I've noticed the home page hasn't updated in like 3 weeks, And there are a few new series that were on SA that are not on the other site. To be honest OtakuSama if it wasn't for you I"d probably would of stuck JustDubs on bottom of my site list. But I understand new sites tend to have bugs. So i'm sticking around to see how it goes.
  3. Solchan

    StreamAnimeTV might be shutting down soon

    There is no point on adding anything to this site while Note7 is MIA. If server isn't being paid for this site can be locked out at anytime. and with out notice. Takes time to upload. make request on other site. Personally I agree I like SA a lot better. but lets not work OtakuSama to death.
  4. Solchan


    No one knows what happened to Note7. Anything could of happened. Yes it's possible He walked away. but at the same time it could be unintentional. Unexpected things do happen in life that can cause someone to stop contact, Especially Internet contact where tag names are used. For all anyone knows he could of been in an accident, and he cant get on. So lets not jump to conclusions.
  5. Solchan

    DEATH NOTE (US Live Action Movie)

    Yeah don't get me wrong. It wasn't a bad movie. But it about the only thing that followed the anime were names,charaters, and the fact the book killed. but the story line was completely off. For people who never seen the anime. It was probably good to them. So as a movie it wasn't bad. but at a live action Adaption it was horrible..
  6. Solchan

    Initial D.

    Yeah drifting is fun. I go out with my Sister and here BF to drift sometimes. but we mainly just play around in a large abandoned parking lot. It actually used to be an FBI building. but the parking lot is huge. and has some islands and a few light pools to drift around. but we only do single cars at a time. we don't race. just more of a time battle and whose drift looked the coolest. lol.. just for fun. but still gets costly. So we try not to do it to much. Its more of a damn tonight is boring, lets go drift. lol.. but yes in most part when I race it is grip racing. I've done a few rally type. but drag and rolling start is mostly what I do. rally would be closest to drifting.. but Im actually trying not to drift. So not really.. lol but it is fun to drift around a corner every now and then. lol
  7. Solchan

    StreamAnimeTV might be shutting down soon

    I hate to see SA go down. Id help if I could. but I really don't know much of the admin work needed to run site. You'd have to give me one heck of a crash course to be help. lol. I'll defiantly check out the new site though. I'd like to thank you for all you have done for all of us. SA has been my favorite site since the beginning. But if your involved in the new site OtakuSama I'm sure it will be a good one too.
  8. Solchan

    Initial D.

    Yeah If any kind of show tells you actually how to do something. Someone is gonna try. Then parents, friends and family will try to hold the show accountable. but then that can still happen even when giving false info. The blame could easily be they said thats how to do it. he/she tried and died because it wasn't. Luckily it is less likely one will try something done on a anime then something live action. I'd like to try some of the drift on this anime. I like to go drifting to. but I'd never try any of thoughs. where I drift there is no chance of falling off a mountain maybe hitting a light pole or a curb in some places. but my courses are pretty wide. Yes still dangerous. but the danger level is pretty low. but cost for this fun is still pretty pricey. And no I don't race drift. I've raced drag, straight line you have little less worry of the other slamming into you. But Initial D has defiantly been one of my fav animes.
  9. Anime´╗┐Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_of_Aquarion Type of Source´╗┐: Dub Reason for this request: This is a good anime. Plus the sequel is already on the site Aquarion Evol.
  10. Player 4 is different anime. Not Maken-Ki.
  11. Solchan

    Initial D.

    I really liked the Initial D series. The movies are good the quality is defiantly way better. But just feels they are leaving a lot out of them. Does anyone else feel the same. I know cutting series to make movies cut a lot out. It's just more of the torture and wanting to see them all with the higher quality that the new movies are. Regardless I'm still in waits for the other movies.
  12. Solchan

    'Your Name' is beautiful!

    Yes it was a great movie. It defiantly hits the heart. Another good one that is recent is A Silent Voice.
  13. Yeah PayPal is pretty picky. I don't think Ive ever seen them do donations. You would need to set actual prices for Donations to where the Patreon selects and does more like a buy it now. Which it does cost money to do this. So we should solve the problem on getting others to donate first. As for the donations received. we may have bought another month. but still not out of the water. If you can donate then donate. don't hold off just because we reached 200. It rolls over So the more that comes in the better. we need more then 9 to donate. Just because it only took 9 donations to reach the goals this month. doesn't mean it will take the same every month. Plus you can not expect 9 people to keep putting out money for thousands to benefit off it. The more that donate the better. keep in mind some Donated more then others. the most common donations that you can expect from sites like this are $1-$5 a month. So normally you would need at least 40 and up to 200 to donate each month to make this quota.. Now there is more then enough traffic on this site to where this quota should easily be made even if everyone donated $1. So come on guys and gals help turn that 9 who donated into 200 who donated. Don't stop just because the 200 was reached. It takes money to run a site. It takes even more to improve a site. keep in mind all those anime that you watch on here were purchased. to the more revenue that more anime, the faster it get uploaded, not to mention better and faster players. And if enough donations are coming in less ADS. So help us donate.
  14. The Admins of SA are doing everything they can to keep the site running. And are working on getting it stable again. but at this time the issue is the site is costing more then what it is making to keep running. So donations are needed right now till the site can get back up on it's feet. If you want to look at it a different way. Then think of it this way. If the users of this site help, and show they like this site and don't want to see it go down and show support. Then it makes it easier for the ones running the site continue fighting to keep it up and running. I agree with Note7. If the site is costing the admins money out of pocket to keep up and running. Then why keep it up and running. Thats like an employer telling a employee use your car and your gas, and I'll pay you back for 3/4 of the gas you use for work. Very few people would take that job. or look at it as a business stand point. would you buy product to resale at a third of what you bought it for. no because you will go bankrupt. I dont mind donating till the site gets back up. I don't mind continuing to donate even after. They way I look at it, I've gotten to watch free anime all this time. that if I bought would of cost me thousands. And Ive watched through other sites. And I can say with out exaggeration that SA is the smoothest streaming free anime site I've ever used. What they are asking really isn't much, and defiantly isn't outrageous considering the traffic on this site. So I'm here to support them till the end.
  15. Solchan

    How much technology has advanced

    Oh yeah everything has advances. I remember the big block looking cell phones with analog service.. then the nokia came out and got very popular because you could change the case of the phone to different colors and ones that light up. The Nokia was actually my personal first cell phone. I loved that thing. although service was both expensive and horrible all at the same time. Then digital came out and all the analog phones went obsolete. but the phones got a little smaller. And i finally got my first true flip phone.. service was still sucked though. so just looking back 15yrs it's crazy on the advancements. Of course now I love my iphone. and to compare it to my nokia. I can only laugh. Who knows maybe we really did find a crashed alien space ship to study. lol As for game systems. the atari was the first I ever played at a friends house. Then my first game system was the NES which I only had a couple games for. the I got the super NES, then sega. Id go through a list. but to be honest I've owned about every game system and hand held since the NES. Of course that would include the ones my kids own. Ive at least tried playing them all. Personally I'd rather watch anime then play games now. lol. I know all about the computer programs. Windows 95 was my first also. I've been on older dos systems. But my actual first computer was win95. And I to now still run Win7. I just like it better then the new versions. Call me old school. but I hate having to relearn how to use my computer every time they make a new OS. Adding stuff is one thing. but seems now every time they make a new one the whole layout is changed. So I'll stick with 7 till I have no choice to upgrade. The best part about the advancements is price. yes if you look at the actually price tags. you can say the newer stuff is more expensive. but if you compare what the actual pay rate then to now is. Electronics are way cheaper then they use to be. For instant that $400 - $500 computer that ran win 95. in todays price would of been around $1500. but yet you can still get a computer for a couple hundred dollars that makes the old 133 look like a joke. just look at min wage in the 80s vrs now. I know my first job in the 90s was like $4 an hr. think min wage now is like $9 hr or something like that. So yeah eventually what ever crazy fast electronic you may want now. eventually you will be able to afford it. sadly there may be something even nicer out by then. but it will most likely be cheaper then it's original anyways. heck xbox and play-station have been in the same price category for the past 10yrs. you can buy a 1tb xbox 1 for 300. 10yrs ago the 360 will very little memory was 300. min wage was a 1/3 lower then what it is now. so the 300 now was 200 then. so it may not look like it but its cheaper. Thats just talking computers and game stations. But if you compare all kinds of products by pay rate and cost at different times you will see some crazy numbers.