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  1. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    I would like to thank 1 donor and our content admin for helping me cover this month payment. If you like to keep this service going please drop a donation for October 2018. The goal needed is 165.
  2. Note7

    Greetings to the ANIMEVERSE!!!

    Welcome to StreamAnimeTV. I don’t understand the first part you just said but the second part unfortunately we don’t have any content manager on this site other then our staff content admin who do the heavy lifting. Of course we are still looking for content manger that can help add content on this site.
  3. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    Sorry for the late reply. Ad revenue has slowly decrease. Therefore, safe ad support can't send us money that is under 100 dollar earn from this site. If anyone wish to bring back annoying popup ad this will help us a little fair amount with the combine donation. The plan is allowing one popup ad per page that way user will not be interrupt with click sensitive popup ad.
  4. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    This is a reminder this site need donation at the end of the month.
  5. Note7

    About ads

    Thank you, for supporting the site by turning off adblocker. I understand popad are super annoying and can cause this site to lose traffic. I do offer donation just in case ad support is getting low to help keep this site going. However, do give donation support for our third party video streaming service provider 'MP4Cloud' for allowing safe ads on all their player source. Without their service this site will cease to exist.
  6. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    This site need donation for September 2018. Help keep this site stay alive and not force to use annoying popup ads. How to donate? please private message me to send you a private donation link.
  7. Note7

    Mp4Cloud Streaming: Announcement

    I would like to thank our Mp4Cloud - Video Streaming provider for developing an awesome ad safe player because not only this site is meant for PC and mobile but also game console support. Without them this site will not be here to provide you the best anime streaming on the net. Many of you ask this request support for game console and now your wish have come true after all. No more worry about other free anime streaming service that support annoying popup ad forcing you to open a new browser ever again. Please share with friends and other user on the net about this site that is looking to stream video without any interruption.
  8. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    This site has plenty of time till end of September. If you like to help support this site please make a donation to avoid shutdown. This site is running only on safe ads with no annoying popup ad unlike other streaming site relied on.
  9. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    At the rate of keeping this site completely ad safe and user-friendly. It will quickly die out very fast due to low target rate advertiser display on this site causing each revenue per day lesser after the deadline hit to the end of every month to keep this site up longer. So, I'm asking the community on this site if you want to continue supporting us with a donation or just use annoying pop-up ads instead. Before everyone asked if our anti-adblocker really help keep the user from using adblocker? The answer is maybe or may not work because I have seen browser add-on developers will go a great length creating something that would remove our anti-adblock javascript.
  10. Note7

    September 2018 (Donation/Achieve)

    Sorry, I'm not always active to visit this site since I do have a personal life outside the internet. You can try PM to remind me the situation occur on this site since I do always check my email daily.
  11. Help support to keep this site stay alive by making a little or more amount of donation as possible. The monthly goals start at 165. Whatever ad revenue is left on July 2018 will reduce that amount of monthly goals and combine with supportive donation.
  12. This was last posted after 2016. I'm guessing the content admin has giving up this request for a very long time ago.
  13. Stop adding "Note" just combine with the reason
  14. Thank you all who donate for July 2018. Starting August 2018 our June 2018 ad revenue is enough to cover for next month but if you still want to support us to keep this site longer feel free to make a small or more donation as possible.
  15. We're close to the end of the month and still haven't reached the monthly goals to last for next month. Therefore, I have decided to shut down the site for a financial issue that being said with the combine adverting and donation it is not enough to cover to keep this awesome site up for next month. Starting next month this site will still be up but not for a very long time. I will not be accepting any donation in August 2018 if July 2018 has met the monthly goals. Thank you for understanding it is heartbreaking to let this site died to keep providing you the best ads safe, user-friendly, a better streaming service and anime content. There is still time left to save the site. The current goals at the moment need to be met is 39 out of 165 to keep this site last for next month.