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Found 163 results

  1. For some reason, an error pops up when I try to watch Pokemon sun and moon videos. The first episode gave me the error of some media and server problem. Please fix this!
  2. Guest

    Fixed Blood Lad

    Blood Lad Episode 7 the 8th video player that is Subbed had video error.
  3. Broken sound on video "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 2". Sound out of sink with video images.
  4. All Pokemon diamond and pearl episodes are unable to play. An error is displayed when I click on it
  5. Guest

    Fixed dailormoon S

    All episodes are not to watch. Please do fix them.
  6. ref: www.streamanime.tv/tokyo-ghoulre-2nd-season-episode-2/ Both mp4upload and openload file names seem wrong mp4upload: Tokyo Ghoul re 2nd Season Episode 01.mp4 openload: Tokyo Ghoul re 3rd Season Episode 01.mp4" Is that the correct file but just the name is wrong?
  7. Naruto Shippuuden (tv) episode 396 Not working with any player please resolve at earliest
  8. Players 1-5 either don't work or play some 4min rabbit vid.
  9. It has the wrong video on this episode. Please fix it.
  10. It could very well just be me, but nothing is there. I can hit play video, but there is no video to be played, I still get an ad as though there was a video. Why is this happening? #help #englishdubbed #englishsub #www.streamanime.tv #TheWorldGodOnlyKnowsII
  11. At 7:53 to 7:55 the audio is cut out. This happens on player 1 Thank you in advance.
  12. is this a zombie ep 7 not working plz fix
  13. And you thought there is never a girl online? Is not working heck most of the anime I'm trying to watch is not working
  14. Hey I just watched Dragonball Super episode 77 dub and at 12:35-12:39 has no sound so please fix it if possible.
  15. Guest

    Fixed Overlord problems

    I can't get overlord to play at all.
  16. Episode 35 is actually episode 34, and it looks like it stays 1 episode behind what it should be for the rest of the episodes.
  17. The whole series of Pokemon XY is not working. Videos are unable to load due to "video not in proper format".
  18. It wont work/play I've checked all the players twice and the episode doesn't work
  19. Can't get GATE to play on any of its episodes or sources.
  20. Hey the dragon ball super latest episode was mistake by episode 73 just to let you know!
  21. At 9:45 to 9:47 the audio cuts out. this happens on players 1,2,3, 4 and 6 Also player 5 shows the wrong episode.
  22. mp4upload link/embed leads to ep 13 of Overloard Also.. the audio quality of the openlaod upload is not as good as ep 1-11 or 13 from mp4upload The size and profile are also different. Are the openload uploads are done by a different re-encoder or from a different source? Or do these companies repack/re-encode the uploads? mp4uplaod: 87.7 mb - [email protected] - HE-AAC/LC (audio is good) ep 1-11, 13 openload: 88.2 mb - [email protected] - LC (Audio not as good) mp4cloud: 87.9 mb - [email protected] - HE-AAC/LC (audio is good)
  23. All six video players for the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory English Dubbed Episode 8.5 play the wrong episode and are currently broken. Each video player currently plays Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory English Dubbed Episode 4.5. Could you please correct all six broken video players for the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory English Dubbed Episode 8.5? Could you please upload the correct episode for each video player for the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory English Dubbed Episode 8.5?