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War Thunder: The Ride To The Top

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It took me a while to do what I just did today...Three and a half years to do it...& getting it done on my 49th birthday. 'What am I talking about?',you people would ask. Well,I'll tell you...I'm talking about that unbelievable online game called..."War Thunder"! Today,Sunday January 14th,2018,I had reached the ultimate spot in the game that makes an ordinary player become something like 'a legend'...That spot is 'Level 100',with the top rank of 'Marshal'. That long road started when I joined the game & its now 18-million+ strong community on August 13th,2014...& I wasn't sure how well I would fit in. Nor did I even think that I would even reach the top level at 'such & such' a time. My thought then was that " 'Level 100' was just a dream."...& I had my doubts about getting there.

Yeah...Some dream! I kept on getting into the unfriendly skies (seeing that I picked the pilot's role,which was to become my comfort zone),looking for air-to-air brawls,finding potential enemy targets on the ground,on the water,& in the sky...& basically beating the crap out of them. Getting through the levels...one at a time...is definitely hard work,& hard work is what earns you a completed level,all kinds of scoring,& a lot of rewards...including an increase in your "officers' rank". Along the way,I had my old 1GB computer replaced by a more powerful 8GB unit...watched God knows how many 'War Thunder' videos on YouTube...got myself a female avatar that was an a**-kicking super-vampire (Does that give you a clue?)...& basically kept on terrorizing fellow players on the 'enemy side,not to mention blowing a lot of stuff up. Sure I got my butt smacked around in the process,but I kept on getting up in the sky...& continued my 'busting up' for those 3 1/2 years.

In the end,right up to this very day,all that work finally paid off...& in the words of my avatar 'Moka Akashiya' ('Rosario + Vampire'),I definitely earned my place!!!

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