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Watch Fastening Days (ONA) Online

Plot Summary:A spin-off series of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.

In the new story, the alien creature Stitch is running off on the mad scientist Jumba’s space scooter when he gets caught in a space storm and has to make an emergency landing at Izayoi Island, the southermost tip of Japan. There, he meets Yuuna, a spirited fourth-grade girl who happens to know karate. Yuuna tells Stitch about the Stone of Chitama, a mysterious object that can make any wish come true. However, he has to perform 43 good deeds to receive his wish.
Age Rating: “Suitable for all ages 10+ and up. It may contain little violence, no strong language and little sexual dialogue or situations are shown. Parental discretion advised.”
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# Episode Completed:1
Running Time:11 minute

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Fastening Days
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