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Watch Genocidal Organ (Movie) Online

Watch Genocidal Organ (Movie) Online
Genre:Psychological, Science Fiction,

Synopsis:In a world beset by civil conflicts, Kravitz Shepherd, a Captain in the United States INFOCOM (Black-Ops Special Forces), has been on the trail of “The American”, a man who travels the globe leaving behind conflict and genocide in his wake. The trail eventually leads to an individual “John-Paul”, the CEO of an international corporation and his lover Lucie Skroupova, a former MIT research student who potentially holds the key to capturing or killing the elusive John Paul. As Shepherd grows closer to Skroupova over the course of his investigation, he reveals the truth behind the civil wars and revolutions left behind in John Paul’s wake and the existence of the “Genocidal Organ”.
Age Rating:R – 17+ (violence & profanity)
# Episode Completed:1
Running Time:2 hour
Alternative Title:Gyakusatsu Kikan (Japanese)

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Genocidal Organ
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