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Watch K: Missing Kings (Movie) Online
Genre:Action, Drama, Magic, Science Fiction, Super Power, Supernatural,

Plot Summary:In the aftermath of the loss of the Silver and Red Kings, Kuroh and Neko continues to look for Shiro, whom they believe is still alive. Meanwhile, HOMRA members have dispersed, leaving Yata and Rikio to take care of what’s left along with Anna, whose powers became unstable. As the Green Clan makes their appearance and kidnaps Anna, the remaining members of Silver and Red Clans unite to save her and to hopefully discover the outcome of having lost their Missing Kings.
Age Rating: “May contain violence, brief nudity, and/or mild language.” Age 14 and older.
Theme:bishounen, catgirl, clans, superpowers
# Episode Completed:1
Running Time:1 hour 13 minute

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K: Missing Kings
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