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Watch Mai Mai Miracle (Movie) Online

Watch Mai Mai Miracle (Movie) Online
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Magic,

Plot Summary:Ten years after the end of the Second World War, in a backwater rural town which used to be a major regional capital in Feudal Japan, Shinko, a girl with an active imagination who daydreams about the town as it appeared a millennium prior, befriends Kiiko, a shy girl from Tokyo whose father relocated to the town to become a doctor for a factory. The film follows their day to day lives as they take care of a goldfish in a makeshift pond, fantasize about a cloistered and lonely young princess who moved to the town in the Feudal Era, and help a boy cope with a family tragedy.
Age Rating: “Suitable for all ages 10+ and up. It may contain little violence, no strong language and little sexual dialogue or situations are shown. Parental discretion advised.”
# Episode Completed:1
Running Time:1 hour 33 minute

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Mai Mai Miracle
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