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Genre:Action, Drama, Historical, Samurai,

Plot Summary:Number of wars occurred in order to make Japan a peaceful country but no warlords successfully achieved this objective, until Hideyoshi Toyotomi reigned. He created unity across Japan. But his death led to chaos. His son, Hideyori is supposed to succeed the throne but the Tokugawa clan believes that he can’t. And so, the conflict between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clan arises, also between the two brothers in the Sanada clan, Yukimura who sided in the Toyotomi clan and Nobuyuki Sanada who joined Tokugawa. A fateful battle awaits the two.
Age Rating:PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Theme:Historical, War
# Episode Completed:12
Running Time:24 minutes per episode
Alternative Title:Sengoku Musou (Japanese)

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Samurai Warriors Episode 2
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Samurai Warriors Episode 1
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